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Being light to the world.  Finding out who God wants to be for us through weekly free emails.

Receive an email twice a week to remind you  of 

* . the love that is yours to enjoy

* .who  God wants to be for you

*  how you can become a mirror for others of God's traits

* . the light you are meant to be & share as a child of God

LLLight Individual Growth

Karin Gunderson, Founder of LoveLivingLight.com, HeavenlyHarp.org and ChristianHarpmusic.com available for healing work.

As you progress through our emails, incorporating more fully the power of the Lord in your life, you may realize there is something that you would like help to clear.  

It could be a forgiveness issue that you would like to resolve once & for all so you can be free of the cloud of guilt that comes with unforgiveness.

It could be negative emotions you would like to release that are regularly part of your life and are clouding the light you are meant to shine.

It could be fear left over from a traumatic event that keeps you from being able to trust that life is good.

It could be a belief that you are holding that is limiting your life from being all it can be.  

Are you ready for spiritual growth, emotional growth & healing in a non-judgmental Christian community?

Join Your LLLight Community!

Our Love Living Light community is a place for support, encouragement, spiritual growth, healing and Christian community.

Be Jesus' light in who you are.

Be Jesus' light in what you do & say.

Join our group of people who want to love this world more consciously 

- on purpose!

We'll help you shine more brightly

 and feel more happy!

Your Love Living Light donation supports clean water throughout the world, gets to be part of a private facebook community to support each other, and can receive additional  email support as needed, as well as  reduced prices on individual work.  


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How Joining Love Living Light Makes a Difference

Share your light and love more effectively through spiritual growth.

We Make Clean Water Available

Whether on the Navajo reservation in NE Arizona or in the deserts of Africa, wherever clean water is needed - clean water means not only better health, but also safer communities with more time for productive activities like raising crops and school.

Through spiritual growth, he next generation of light-bringers praising their Creator.

We Support the Next Generations of Light-Bringers

What a joy it is to give educational scholarships to young men and women who are making a positive difference in the world!

Christian community sharing spiritual growth in the spiritual gifts of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness & self-control.

We Multiply Influence Through You!

As the Love Living Light community grows, so does the reach of the impact we can make, individually and as a group.  We are thrilled to have you on this journey with us!


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